Verification of numerical simulation of suspended matter distribution under marine dumping process

  • S.M. Jurasov
  • V.V. Gorun
  • N.A. Berlinsky
Keywords: numerical simulation, data in situ, dumping, suspended matter


The several of  finite-difference schemes in flat and spatial statement of the dumping processes have been observed. Verification of numerical experiments and model’s calibration is the important phases of mathematical simulation. The results of calculation by fundamental solution are the single corrected source for numerical simulation without data in situ. The several of finite-difference schemes in flat and spatial statement of equation for unsteady turbulent diffusion have been proposed.

The comparison of numerical simulation with calculations based on the fundamental formulas and also with data in situ was done. It was established that the explicit finite-difference scheme is more preferably for the short time intervals. The results of numerical simulation by this scheme correspond with calculation by fundamental formula for the flat statement if coefficient Courant = 0,25 and using comparison of calculations with time shift equal the step of the finite-difference schemes.

The deviation of numerical experiment result from the direct investigations is not more then 10 – 15% under condition of small current velocity and small windy waves for the short distances from the dumping place. It was established that for these conditions are possible to calculate the horizontal coefficient of turbulent diffusion by Karaushev’s formula.


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Jurasov, S., Gorun, V., & Berlinsky, N. (2015). Verification of numerical simulation of suspended matter distribution under marine dumping process. Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Journal, (16), 30-39.
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