Peer review process

Authors submit their articles to the Editor-in-Chief by email. The latter shall verify correspondence of those to the subject matter of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Journal and its general requirements. Such verification should take no longer than one week.

Then one of the Section Editors of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Journal will email two independent experts (the Reviewers) in the relevant field he or she assigns a submitted article (together with a review blank to be filled out). The Reviewers then will email back a revised article and comments together with a completed review blank to the Section Editor and the latter will forward those to the author. Once the Editorial Board submits the article to the Reviewers the latter will have 1 month to complete their reviews.

The review procedure implies anonymity of the authors. All scientific articles to be published in the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Journal are subject to reviews.

Based on the results of the reviews the articles may be:

a) accepted for publication;

b) returned to their authors for introducing changes and corrections if that is suggested by the reviewers;

c) rejected as non-compliant (the Reviewers shall state reasons for such decision).

If a certain article is recommended for publication the Executive Secretary will e-mail the authors formatted and paginated text of their articles for final proofreading which should be returned within five days. If the authors fail to return that in time, the Editorial Board may postpone publication of the article.

After finalization of all issues associated with the articles' content with the authors (including re-reviews if revision of previous reviews was required) those are considered as accepted for publication.

The Editorial Board then has to decide on inclusion of the article into one of the issues of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Journal

If a negative review with no revision of the article possible is obtained, one of the article's copies will remain in the Editorial Board's archive with another one (review attached) being returned to the Authors. If the article is rejected the Editorial Board will leave its copy in its archive.

The Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Journal is an open resource accepting and publishing the research in accordance with the requirements of editorial policy and provided that such papers are in line with the current regulatory legal acts of Ukraine.

All claims, comments and questions associated with the activities of the Journal should be sent to its e-mail address.