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PublisherOdessa State Environmental University (OSENU) (before 2001 – Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute) is a higher education establishment of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with the 4th level of accreditation. It graduates specialists with higher education of three higher education levels in the area of hydrometeorology, ecology, environmental monitoring and protection, organization of environmental activities, aquatic biological resources and aquaculture, environmental economics and management, automated environmental monitoring systems, geographic information computer systems and technologies. It was founded in 1932. The history of the University more detailed.

Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Journal was founded by Odessa State Environmental University in 2005 (certificates of state registration of a print media outlet KV No.9687 as of 21.03.2005 and KV 23515-13355PR as of 25.07.2018). Since 2006 the journal has been included in the list of scientific specialized publications of Ukraine publishing the results of dissertations for the Doctor and Candidate of Sciences degrees in the field of geographical sciences (according to the list of scientific specialities of 2011). According to the list of scientific specialities, based on the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No.1151 as of 06.11.2015, the journal has a professional status in the speciality 103 “Earth Sciences”.

The previous journal’s website can be found at the following link:

The journal cooperates closely with the Ukrainian Meteorological and Hydrological Society (UMHS)